The Swedish National Heritage Board joins Flickr Commons

People on a picnic, Lysekil, Sweden
People on a picknick, Lysekil, Sweden. Photo: Carl Curman, c. 1900

We are proud to announce that a selection of our photos is available on Flickr Commons joining institutions like the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian and the National Galleries of Scotland. Our aim with the participation is to:

  • Increase access to our photos
  • Allow the public to comment on and tag the photos and evaluate how this can increase the photos information value
  • Link the user back to our own photo database – Kulturmiljöbild

The photos
We have initially uploaded photos by Carl Curman (1833-1913) who was a pioneer in public health care and father of a director general of The Swedish National Heritage Board; Sigurd Curman (in office 1923-1946). The copyright of the photos has expired and they are free to use. We would appreciate if you gave the photographer moral-rights credit accordance with Swedish copyright law.

We will continuously provide more photos, so please return to see what Carl Curman found worth documenting some hundred years ago!

Why in English?
Flickr logoWe have chosen English as our main language on Flickr, for obvious reasons. The descriptions are in both languages however. You are of course welcome to tag and comment both in Swedish and English, but we recommend that you use English in order for your contribution to be maximally useful.

We are very exited to join Flickr Commons and hope that you will find our photos as interesting as we do, and that you will help us describe them. :) We would also appreciate if you link back to the photos on Flickr when you use them.

Usable links

>> The Flickr Commons team at The Swedish National Heritage Board (Johan Carlström, Sophie Jonasson, Lars Lundqvist, Anna Boman and Lars Kennerstedt).

Thanks to Martin Rundkvist for language revision.


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  3. Micke

    Sweet! Jättebra gjort! Hoppas fler bilder kommer följa snart (och att andra tar intryck av er).

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  5. Av

    Det finns ingen copyright på fotona, innebär det att ni släpper dem helt fria att användas på exempelvis Wikipedia?

  6. LA2

    From its own website, RAÄ should drop this language: ”Vid all publicering anges alltid vid bilden, eller i en bildförteckning, fotografens namn (om det är känt) och alltid Riksantikvarieämbetets namn.” There is no legal basis for such restrictions on public domain photos.

  7. Pär Rittsel

    This is a bold step. But insist that the photographer’s name and the source should be mentioned – out of respect for the artist! And to steer the interested back to the original collection.

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  9. Johan Carlström

    Ursäkta det sena svaret/sorry for my late reply.

    David: Det är inte aktuellt att lägga ut TIFF-filerna, det ingår inte i pilotprojektet.

    AV: Skyddstiden på Carl Curmans bilder har gått ut och det är inga problem att använda dem i Wikimedia/Wikipedia. Vi ser gärna att man länkar tillbaka till källan (se Persistent URL på Flickrsidan) samt skriver att Carl Curman är fotograf. Hoppas bilderna kommer till användning. :)

    AF2: The vast majority of the photos in our photo database are copyright protected, hence the formulation you mentioned. We will supplement the text soon. Still, we do admire these early pioneers in photography and think that they should get the attribution they deserve.

  10. Roderick Ewart

    a minor comment concerning the usage of ”photos” as terminology in the text. Perhaps by using ”Photographs” or ”Pictures”, as a descriptive term would be an improvement.
    Roderick Ewart

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