Flickr Commons – The story so far

Update (090327): I miscalculated some of the stats.

Photographer: Carl Curman

We went public with our photographs  on Flickr Commons late the 17th March (CET). Here´s the stats until 26 March:

  • Views: 82 300
  • Comments: 121 156
  • Favourites: 449 546

The feedback from the Flickr community exceeded all expectations. Thanks indeed! :) Don´t miss the new uploads (here, here and here). See the three most popular photos above and below.

Photographer: Carl Curman

Photographer: Carl Curman

>> Johan Carlström


  1. David

    Good news and hopefully this strengthens the yeasayers when it comes to involving heritage organisations in social webs. Do you have the statistics available to let you compare how many views these photos had in Kulturmiljöbild before they were published in The Commons?

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