Carl and Calla Curman on honeymoon in Spain

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain
Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain. Photo: Carl Curman

Starting today and during the following weeks we (the Flickr Commons team of the Swedish National Heritage Board) will upload a series of photographs taken by Carl Curman in Spain in 1878.

The physician and health care pioneer Carl Curman travelled a lot in Europe, often in company of his wife Calla (surname Lundström as a maiden and Liljenroth in a previous marriage). The main purpose was to study health resorts, but also to study art and architecture and enjoy social life. As newly married in 1878 Carl and Calla made a trip to Spain to spend their honeymoon in Andalusia where they visited towns like Ronda and Granada.

As a devoted and skilful amateur photographer Carl Curman documented his travels with his camera. Several of these European photographs from the late 1800s are shown on Flickr Commons, in the set ”Carl Curman – Europe”.

Unidentified town in Andalusia, Spain
Unidentified town in Spain. Can you help us out? Photo: Carl Curman

During the trip to Spain Carl Curman took pictures of towns, landscapes, buildings as the Alhambra, Spanish people – and of course of his wife Calla. Many of them are blue cyanotypes. We have now chosen some of these photographs to be digitized and shown on Flickr Commons.

Since we’re not certain of the locations of some of the pictures we hope that the Flickr community can help us locate them. We welcome you all to view, enjoy and share these photographs from Spain in 1878!

>> Anna Boman is a member of the Flickr Commons team at The Swedish National Heritage Board


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  2. Les Burrows

    This is Olvera, Cadiz province. I think this photograph was taken in 1878. There are very few early photographs of Olvera on the net, but there are several studies of the town which contain a great many early photographs.

  3. Les Burrows

    De nada. I’ve just been there, and it still looks very much like this photograph.

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